Friday, July 17, 2009

The Parathormone

Come don't hesitate to read my poem
I am really proud I created it on my own
Oh! yeah I did it while lying in our sofa's soft foam
Which i named, the parathormone

Do your bones easily fracture and deforms?
It can all account to low secretion of parathormone
A hormone that is secreted by the four tiny glands
Discoverer named it the parathyroid glands

This hormone is responsible for maintaining the blood calcium concentration
That is responsible for muscle and nerve contraction
If it exceeds in the concentration
Our body will get rid of it through urine excretion.

Hyperparathyroidism is the disease in high concentration,
While hypoparathyroidism if there's low concentration.
RIA is the name for its determination.
Using antigen-antibody in its detection

So don't wait for hospitalization
That might result to intravenous injection.
The only key to good health is prevention.
Not by any hospital accommodation.

So do care for your health
Because I'll tell you it is really a wealth
I hope somehow I made you happy
By reading my poem I'm telling you I'm really lucky.


  1. nice poem, i like the rhymes.

  2. This can be a version of children's nursery rhyme. It looks like you had fun while making this poem.

    Very good!


  3. How is parathormone affected (if at all) by tamoxifen, calcium supplements, or magnesium supplements?