Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guide Questions, Vivisection

_______1. The latin word vivi in vivisetion means?

_______2. The latin word section in vivisection means?

_______3 This word literally means cutting or incising live tissues.?

_______4.TRUE or FALSE People for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) are advocates who fight for animal rights?

_______5.TRUE or FALSE Not only animals can be used for vivisection but even humans?


Discuss the pros and cons of vivisection in the clinical laboratory.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Vivisection from the latin word vivi, living and section, cutting. Literally vivisection means cutting or incising living tissues. It could also relate to any surgical procedure, including human operation or to any procedure including the used of animals for experimental purposes for discovering new inventions to the health field like drugs which somehow against or violation to law—to the animal rights.

Though animals are not created in god’s own image and likeness like us they still have the dignity and rights that we need to respect. Injecting drugs, giving them chemicals, killing them or doing such thing that make them harm is a against the law and a way of disrespect on their part.

Many animal lives are being wasted in doing such experimentation which in a way the historical value of this animal research with regards to the benefit that it could give to the progress of human health remains in question. Such alternatives can be done in order to save the lives of these animals like proper access to health which in a way saving this animals from cruelty.

Photo by: smiteme