Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drugs the life's destroyer

Drug addiction is one of the social issues or considered as one of the social problems that the world is facing nowadays. I really don't know what satisfaction a drug user can acquire by using these drugs. The only reason that I know is that other people used drugs because they're not capable of handling their problems. They used drugs to forget even for a while the problems that they've been facing in their lives. The point is that did they benefit by using these drugs? Maybe for a while they can benefit but they can’t resolve their problems by using drugs.

One of the arising issues nowadays is the requirement of drug testing prior to the admission to a university. Should drug testing be required?

Well, my answer is no. My reason for this is so simple, you can't eradicate drug users by means of just only drug testing .

Do only college students use drugs? No! right. People think that only adults like college student can use drugs. In fact, even a small kid can use them. Yes! nowadays even small kids are drug users.

What about them? If this drug testing is only implemented for college student. Are they also required to undergo drug testing just for them to be qualified to study in grade school/high school. It means that if they get a positive result in drug testing then they will not be allowed to study.

Let’s open our minds that nowadays nothing is impossible, age limit is no longer an issue. For as long as there are drug manufacturers and there are drug patronizers, drug will continue in every generation. Drugs is a life destroyer, authorities should seek alternative ways to eradicate these drugs.


  1. Jhimpie,

    Noted. Do come and see me. ASAP.

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