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Vivisection from the latin word vivi, living and section, cutting. Literally vivisection means cutting or incising living tissues. It could also relate to any surgical procedure, including human operation or to any procedure including the used of animals for experimental purposes for discovering new inventions to the health field like drugs which somehow against or violation to law—to the animal rights.

Though animals are not created in god’s own image and likeness like us they still have the dignity and rights that we need to respect. Injecting drugs, giving them chemicals, killing them or doing such thing that make them harm is a against the law and a way of disrespect on their part.

Many animal lives are being wasted in doing such experimentation which in a way the historical value of this animal research with regards to the benefit that it could give to the progress of human health remains in question. Such alternatives can be done in order to save the lives of these animals like proper access to health which in a way saving this animals from cruelty.

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  1. How would you test new vaccines?

    While I agree that we should respect all living creatures and treat them as humanely as possible, causing a minimum of pain, I must confess that I'd want new drugs and treatments tested on them before they are used on my child.

    I'm all for banning needless experimentation and testing (e.g., testing of cosmetic products on animals), but what effective alternatives exist for other medical breakthroughs?

    It's a tough issue.

  2. : Ma'am holly here are some alternatives for vivisection:

    The may include cell, tissue and organ culture; the use of micro-organisms such as bacteria; research at the molecular level; studies with post-mortem tissues; computer simulations; population studies (epidemiology); and ethical clinical research with patients and volunteers.

  3. : The above mentioned facts are taken from this site.

    Ma'am Holly kindly refer to the site if you want to know more. Thank you for the comment.

  4. Thank you, Jhim. That's good to know. And I agree - whenever possible, these more humane methods should be used. I didn't realize so much was possible. I'm not sure I'd entirely trust a computer simulation (it's only as good as the person programming it and the knowledge they have at the time), but I wasn't really thinking about how much could be done with tissue samples and molecular research. I appreciate your answer! I'll take a look at that site you recommended.

  5. Looking at the picture, you just got to love the animals. :)

    Just a thought. Some say cloning is bad; And animal experimentation, also bad. Double negative results in a positive. Could this be an instance of two wrongs creating a right? I'm not sure myself. What if someone creates an animal clone and perform experiments on it? Only the clone is harmed and not the animal template. Additionally, the clone was created by humans and not by nature. You could have medical progress by skirting the issue. Or could you? Like I said, I'm not sure. What do you think? How about you, Holly, what sayeth thou? I was actually thinking about the Clone Wars when I wrote this. Damn, why can't I keep Star Wars away from everything else! :D

    Keep posting, dude.

  6. Jhim,

    On the part about studying or experimenting on animals before using medicines or vaccines on humans, I might agree with them. There are of course other methods that can be used. Like using animals who have overpopulated themselves in an area. eg. an overgrowth of rabbits. So, maybe one of the ways to improve on this situation is to use them for the benefit of mankind and the future generation?

    Of course, there would still be a lot of ethical and moral issues and I agree with some of the suggestions you gave Holly. Unfortunately, we (mankind) have not yet reached that level where we can opt not to test on animals. (sigh)

    If only we could precisely use computer simulations and test on tissues that would have similar responses to us, then, that would have been cool.

    This is a very stimulating post Jhim! And you reply promptly to your readers. You will go a long way in blogging. hehehe. If not, maybe in politics?


  7. : Your welcome ma'am holly. Thank you also for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  8. Wow, these are tough questions and suggestions. Jhim, you'll have to reply or give your observation too.

  9. : Yes sir luke cloning is absolutely a bad thing and for me it is an immoral act. Haha! even cloned animals do have feelings too.

  10. :Haha! thanks for the comment and for the compliment. It inspired me. LoL..