Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guide Questions, Vivisection

_______1. The latin word vivi in vivisetion means?

_______2. The latin word section in vivisection means?

_______3 This word literally means cutting or incising live tissues.?

_______4.TRUE or FALSE People for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) are advocates who fight for animal rights?

_______5.TRUE or FALSE Not only animals can be used for vivisection but even humans?


Discuss the pros and cons of vivisection in the clinical laboratory.


  1. Question number 1: can I answer this bro? Vivi = di ba yun yung kapatid ni Robin Padilla na ang apelyido na ngayun ay GandangHari? ehehehhe!

    Kudos CC bloggers! :D

    Jai Ho!

  2. Jhim,

    Kindly check your spelling of vivisection in question no. 1. Thanks.

  3. Ah, one of my rare visits here and you pose me questions already? I say, give me a cup of coffee first before you pick the vivisection of my aging brain. lols.

    Jhim: Love your About Me blurb. You're both tough and fragile. Is that your real picture? If it's you'd be popular in the blogosphere. You're easy on the eyes - and bad for the heart since I'm sure many will hyperventilate every time girls visit your blog.

    Congrats. Nice blog.

  4. : Haha! thanks bro. Is that a compliment? lol